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Senior Staff

As of 12/29/2023

Senior Staff Roster: 
Command Section:
Squadron Commander Capt. Patrick Wineman
Deputy Commander for Seniors Lt. Michael Lyman 
Asst. Deputy Commander for Seniors Capt. Mark Tenkate
Deputy Commander for Cadets Maj. Ryan Dey
Asst. Deputy Commander for Cadets 2d Lt. Micah McNeal
Operations Officer 1st Lt. John Ritchie
Squadron NCO TSgt. John Cage
Senior Section: 
Administration Officer Lt Col. Thyra Bishop
Aerospace Education Officer Capt. Sheryl Brownlie
Cyber Education Officer 2d Lt. Micah McNeal
Chaplain Maj. David King
Communications Officer 1st Lt. Edward Gonzales
Education and Training Officer 1st Lt. Gene Frye 
Emergency Services Officer  Capt. Patrick Wineman
Finance Officer Capt. Mark Tenkate
Information Technology Officer 2d Lt. Micah McNeal
Logistics Officer Capt. Mark Tenkate
Maintenance Officer Capt. Mark Tenkate
Personnel Officer Lt Col. Thyra Bishop
Public Affairs Officer TSgt. John Cage
Safety Officer TSgt. John Cage
Supply Officer 2d Lt. Crystal Hayden
Testing Officer Maj. Ryan Dey
Transportation Officer 1st Lt. Jeff Galbraith
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